technician relining a drain

Blocked drains are a real nuisance. Having backed up drains is an issue that needs sorting quickly, as a clogged outer drain can quickly lead to a flooded property. Confounding the annoyance of a drain blockage is the untidy, inconvenient solution that most plumbing companies use: digging up the drain – and destroying your property – in order to find and fix the blockage. And if the drain needs replacing? Even worse. Expect more disruption, more damage and more fees for unblocking drains.

At Nuflow Bay of Plenty, we think that enough is enough when it comes to the inconvenience and mess involved in having a blocked drain, so we sought out some innovative solutions.

A New Approach Step 1: CCTV

Nuflow Bay of Plenty makes use of modern technology and modern approaches to unclog, repair and reline drains in the most painless ways possible. Step one is finding a way to diagnose the blockage without damaging your garden or driveway.

The solution is to use CCTV drain inspection camera technology to inspect your drain. Instead of digging up a trench around your drain, we simply insert a small camera into the drain, send it searching and use this visual aid to find the blockage and assess the damage.

A New Approach Step 2: Blueline Technology

There’s no point using cameras to identify the problem if we’re just going to have to dig up your drain to repair it, so step two is using equally cutting-edge technology to repair or even reline your drain.

Our Tauranga drain unblockers make use of Blueline, which offers us a non-invasive way to repair your drains quickly. Blueline uses high pressure jets to clear the blockage. Once the pipes are clear of debris, mud, leaves or whatever else was clogging the drain, a customised liner gets placed into your drain through the same opening used to send down the camera. The liner efficiently seals any cracks or damages found in the drain to restore the pipe’s function.

This is a long-term, eco-friendly solution useful for any type of drains, whether made of clay, concrete, metal or PVC. It saves you heaps of money both in the actual work and in any costly repairs that would have been needed afterwards to repair your property.

If you are suffering from blocked drains in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa or the Bay of Plenty, get Nuflow to sort it out with our modern, cost-effective approach.