Two technicians using drain inspection equipment

CCTV – or closed-circuit television – is usually thought of as the use of strategically placed cameras for security and surveillance. But it has other, more innovative uses as well, like being used to check, diagnose and repair blocked drains. Find out the benefits of CCTV drain inspection.

The Traditional Drainage Services

When you have a blocked drain, the traditional approach is to dig a trench around the drain in order to inspect it. Often the problem is the accumulation of leaves or muck within the drain or a crack that needs repairing.

In the traditional method of unblocking drains, a significant part of your property would be dug up in a timely process to find the problem – and this is just diagnostic. Then the plumbers or drainlayers would have to commence the repair process. This method is long, messy, disruptive and expensive.

CCTV Drain Inspection

Using modern CCTV technology, plumbers are able to bypass the mess of digging up drains in order to diagnose the problem. In this instance, a CCTV camera is inserted into the drain and sent down until it finds the source of the blockage. It is a much more mess-free and quick process.

Of course, there’s no point saving your driveway in the inspection only to rip it up to replace the pipe, which is why CCTV drain survey is coupled with modern technology, like Nuflow’s Blueline technology, for relining pipes. The result is a repaired pipe without the damage that you would have had to deal with in the past. It also offers a long-term solution with a 50-year guarantee.

The Benefits of using CCTV for your Drains:

• Saves time
• Saves money
• Minimal mess and disruption
• Fixed permanently
• No yard repair needed after drain is fixed

Whether it’s water, sewer, stormwater or commercial piping, drain repair has come a long way. Nuflow Bay of Plenty is an industry leader offering this modern approach to blocked and damaged drains in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa and the wider Bay of Plenty.