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How much is that drain repair going to cost?

This is usually the first question people ask when they have a blocked drain or leaking pipe.  It’s an uncertain time, because most Tauranga drainage companies will have to dig up your drains to diagnose the problem… And you still don’t know how much the repair is going to cost, or how long it will take.

Call Us Before You Get Your Drains Dug Up

We’ll save you time and money by pinpointing the source of the problem with a CCTV Drain Inspection using our drain pipe camera and imaging tools. This will enable us to identify the best method of repair and provide you with an accurate drain repair quote. We’ll also provide you with a full CCTV drain camera survey report which details the overall health of the drain. We can provide all this without the expense and mess of digging or excavation.

Nuflow BOP use CCTV cameras to diagnose drain blockages

Problems with your drains?

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    Why choose Nuflow BOP?

    • Reduced cost
    • Stops recurring blockages and leaks
    • Faster diagnosis and repair over traditional methods
    • No mess or disruption
    • Guaranteed for 50 years

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    nuflow bop experts in dig-free drain repairs

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    nuflow bop experts in dig-free drain repairs

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